Week 9

At this early stage, you can think about (hard as it is) how you would deal with an abnormal pregnancy. Some of the genetic tests have risk factors, so talk it over with yourself and your partner now. In addition to a doctor, we live in the age of genetic counselors, which can be a good resource for discussing challenges related identifying and coping with genetic disorders.

Go for a Walk

Making light to moderate exercise part of your routine will help with the birth process and post-birth health.

Make a Budget

You already know: this baby will be expensive. Start making a monthly/annual budget and sourcing everything you’ll need to spend money on. This will help you find the deals early and get a handle on where you can save and where you’ll be alright. These expenses can really creep up on you, so better to plan ahead now.

Make and Execute a Pre-baby Bucket List

Your life will be completely baby-focused in a bit, so make sure you do some things for yourself now that might be difficult with a newborn. Take a couples’ vacation, finish that project on the back burner, or sleep in. Those things will all be harder once the baby’s born.

Switch out toxic cleaners for eco-friendly ones

Continue to remove foreign chemicals from your life by going through the bathroom and kitchen cabinets. When you clean, always open the windows. Also, don’t clean from ladders or stools (why take the risk?) and use gloves. Antibacterial soaps may also do more harm than good, as they’ve been creating antibiotic-resistant superbugs and are only slightly┬ámore effective than traditional soap. There’s also research to support that overly sterile environments lead to allergies and asthma in children.