Week 8

Remember to take some time to yourself among all the craziness. The more complete and stress-free you are, the more available you’ll be for your family and your health. Actively maintaining your sanity takes work but pays off big dividends.

Get a New Bra

Do you need one yet? There are many great options, all softer, bigger, and more adjustable.

Start Kegels (or resume with vigor)

Strong pelvic floor muscles make for an easier delivery. Find an everyday trigger and do some every time that happens. Phone ringing, TV commercials, red lights, whateva.

Get Some Antacids

Pregnancy heartburn is real, and it will burn away your peace of mind. So, take care of yourself.

Go See a Dentist

Really, you should already be getting biannual cleanings (right??) and flossing every day (right??). Pregnancy makes gum bleeding more likely, which in turn makes gingivitis (and subsequent bone loss) more likely as well. Take this preventative step for yourself.

Look into Prenatal Tests

Your doctor will probably start looking into ultrasounds and blood tests. There are further tests available if anything comes back abnormal. Ultrasounds are noninvasive (though that gel gets cold!), and blood tests are very safe and common.