Week 7

How’s your partner been taking things? Even if they’re infinitely supportive, there’s no harm in checking in every once in a while.

Schedule a Prenatal Doctor Visit

Now that you’ve settled on a doctor, this visit should happen at the end of the first trimester. Be sure to get your questions together about the process and your doctor’s role in everything. Often writing these question down helps make sure you don’t forget anything once you’re sitting in the office.

Adjust your beauty regimen

Most changes are slight, but there are some things you should avoid. Pregnancy can cause sensitive skin and gums, so chemical peels, microdermabrasions, and teeth whitening could be unusually harsh. Hot tubs, tanning, and saunas are also out as elevated temperature is linked to birth defects. Waxing should be fine, though late in pregnancy pain can induce labor, so get it out of the way early!

Get a Belly Band

A belly band is a wonderful thing. When your waist grows inch-by-inch, your pants fit differently every day. A belly band simply lets you keep your pants in the “up” position while they’re unbuttoned. Admit it. You wish you’d had one years ago. A belly band also lets you buy fewer pants in the coming months. Yay!