Week 6

Week 6! Yep, it’s real. Keep plugging away, and we’ll try to make your life a little easier.

Keep a Little Distance from Your Cat

Kitties are soft, but the toxoplasma parasites that are attracted to them aren’t worth the trouble. Make a little less contact, wash your hands more, and have someone else change the litter. I’m sure you didn’t like that last chore anyway, so this is absolutely a net positive.

Find some Anti-Nausea Medication for Morning Sickness

Do you have morning sickness? Why aren’t you addressing it? Nausea is one of the easiest symptoms to treat, though severe nausea may require a prescripted drug. Below is Amazon’s bestselling anti-nausea pills, though Emetrol liquid (and generics) have always been the quickest, strongest over the counter anti-nausea measure for me.

Evaluate Your Current Doctor

Your doctor might be great! Or he/she might just be familiar. Take a step back and consider how you really feel about having this person guide you through this process. Having a great bedside manner and inspiring confidence should be the baseline. Accept no substitutes.