Week 4

Time to see if it’s the real deal. Continue to live healthfully, educate yourself, verify your pregnancy, and if negative, keep trying and testing.

Test Again

If it’s been about a week since your missed period, the at-home tests are about 97% accurate. Morning readings can be slightly more accurate.

Verify Pregnancy with your Doctor

Since at-home tests have a small margin of error, double check your pregnancy test results with a doctor, who is equipped to give more thorough tests.

Tell people! Or at least your partner.

There is a higher miscarry risk in the first trimester, so you may want to keep the news in a tight circle for now, but you should certainly share this with anyone helping you through the pregnancy and child-rearing.

Explore Certified Midwifery

While not for everyone, this is a great option for some. Do some light reading to see if you might be interested and follow through if so. If not, no worries! Plenty of babies have been delivered by doctors.