Week 38+

Anxious energy and nesting instinct might manifest in housecleaning. That all well and good, but…you can totally relax and read a book, too. Keep a look out for your water breaking or a bloody show, and keep your hospital bag by the door.

Decide Who Will Cut the Cord

Will your partner? Will you? Will a family member? Will the doctor?

Do Wall Squats to Prepare for Labor

Keep your pelvis strong and limber by doing squats against a wall.

Finalize Baby’s Name

You’ve probably already settled on this, but make sure you’re all set on the baby’s first and last name.

Get Extra Cold Packs

Perineal cold packs will be a lifesaver post-birth, so get some extras now.

Induce Labor

Some people use tricksĀ like having sex, stimulating nipples, walking, or even eating spicy foods to help usher in the baby’s arrival. After 40-42 weeks, you might need to go to the hospital to get medically induced.