Week 35

Do you have pets? Your new little person might require a bit of an adjustment period. You can bring a baby-scented blanket home from the hospital early to let your pet get used to it, and you should definitely make sure they’re vaccinated.

Get Baby Books

You’re breadth of knowledge is likely much more impressive than it was 9 months ago. Keep that trend going with some baby books to keep on top of the new challenges that await you.

Find Breastfeeding Resources (or Get Formula)

Look for information about breastfeeding and decide if that’s the route you’re going to take. Even if you do decide, you may want to get a small amount of backup formula. Plenty of mothers also bottle feed using their own milk.

Double-check Last-minute Baby Supplies

You can reference your baby registry to see a checklist of what your shower provided and what you still might need to get. If you used BuyBuyBaby‘s registry, check it out here.