Week 34

If you’re still having sleep issues, make sure you have a body pillow for pain, are getting exercise to work off energy, have a dark and quiet bedroom, eat earlier to avoid heartburn, and front-load your hydration to avoid getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Add Your Kid to Your Health Insurance

Add your new child to your insurance plan. Phone calls are usually more reliable than online updates, since things like that can fall through the cracks of gigantic companies like that. If you can afford it, take the opportunity to switch to a PPO. Major life changes (such as a birth) allow a window for re-enrollment. Many people find more flexibility and satisfaction with PPO plans. Make sure your current doctors are supported in the new plan, if you go that route.

Get a Group B Strep Test

Most mothers will get this test (a quick swab of the ol’ undercarriage) during the last couple weeks of pregnancy, as strep can be dangerous to the baby. There are some risk factors that may preclude this test, but run it by your doctor to stay informed.

Get a Peri Bottle and Sanitary Napkins

These are two items that will help quite a bit right after birth to address the fire and brimstone that accompanies labor.