Week 33

Try to negotiate some work-from-home days in these last few weeks to reduce stress and ease into your leave. You can also use existing vacation and sick days to add on to your leave time.

Clean Your Car

You’ll be taking lots of trips to the doctor, or to childcare once the baby’s born, so make sure your car’s spotless. It’ll make loading, unloading, and cleaning SO much easier. Even if you’re a naturally messy person, you may find your lifestyle with a newborn changes that¬†very¬†quickly.

Install the Car Seat

Put your car seat in, and make sure it’s installed correctly. Visit the National Highway Safety Administration’s website to find an inspection station near you to verify that it’s as safe as possible.

Learn More About Infant Care

Learn what to expect from day one, how to deal with common issues, and what to worry and not worry about.