Week 32

Try to negotiate some work-from-home days in these last few weeks to reduce stress and ease into your leave. You can also use existing vacation and sick days to add on to your leave time.

Setup Labor Child and Pet Care

You and your partner will be completely occupied during the delivery, so setup care for your existing children and/or pets during this time. It may be on short notice, so find a friend, family member, or professional who’s available for last-minute sitting. Sites like Care.com and Sittercity offer vetted sitters for just such an occasion if you don’t want to pressure people you know or if your support system is too flaky.

Start Making Weekly Doctor Visits

This close to the delivery, you’ll want to check in every week with your doctor or midwife.

Get a Haircut

It might be a while until your next one, and your baby will LOVE grabbing and chewing your long locks. Make your life that much easier by getting a short cut to avoid putting it up every day.

Get the Nursery Ready

Make the final changes to the nursery so it’s ready to use as soon as the baby’s ready to use it. Got your crib? Got your feeding chair? Got your changing area? Got your soothing Enya and Yanni CDs? (Or maybe your baby will be a bit hipper and prefer The Shins).