Week 31

Don’t be surprised if you get unsolicited advice (and physical contact) from strangers, now that your bump is glaringly obvious. If it gets overwhelming or exhausting, just smile, nod, and trust that you’re taking care of all the important stuff.

Load Up On Iron

Eating iron-rich foods will help stave off anemia, which can be associated with early labor. Red meat, legumes, and dark leafy greens all have a lot of iron. Vitamin C also increases iron absorption, so citrus and dark leafy greens are good for this, too. You may have noticed that greens like kale, chard, and spinach have both iron and Vitamin C, making them a well-evolved natural anti-anemia powerhouse.

Make Final Maternity Leave Plans

You’re legally entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave with existing health insurance support and your job available¬†upon return. So¬†definitely don’t accept anything less. If you’ve established yourself as a valuable employee, you may also be able to negotiate more. Get a feel from coworkers for what other maternity policies have been, and always ask for more. You may get more time off, paid leave, or some combination thereof. Everything is negotiable. The bottom line is, if you’re valuable, your boss wants to keep you around. Just make sure you alleviate their concerns and, if you think it will get you a more favorable leave plan, strike a balance between being preoccupied with your baby care and staying involved at work. This might be simple reassurance that you’ll return afterwards, or that you’ll be available once a week for a quick phone or email check-in.

Make a Baby First Aid Kit

It’ll look pretty similar to an adult kit, but might include things like sunscreen for newly-healed wounds, a separate set of band-aids and Neosporin, and baby doses of over-the-counter medication.