Week 30

Some people find their baby responds to touch late in the pregnancy. This can be an exciting stage as you get to interact with your baby just weeks before they’re born. Singing, playing music, and talking can also calm an especially active baby.

Round Out Baby Supplies

A shower is a great way to get some needed supplies, but some higher-ticket items are likely missing. Grab a car seat, a stroller, and any miscellaneous diaper/feeding supplies you might need.

Count Fetal Movements

Twice a day, morning and night, count fetal movements. Generally about 1 per minute should be observed. If you notice less than 10 in a two-hour period, call your doctor just in case.

Pack Your Hospital Bags

Pack one for both you and your partner. They should include a change of clothes, some books, toiletries, cash, phone charger, and laptop.

Keep an Eye On Early Labor Signs

Pay attention to potential signs of early labor in case you need to contact your doctor. Brown discharge, frequent contractions, and a low, dull backache can all be signs. Lie down, drink water, relax, and wait for symptoms to pass. If they don’t call your doctor.

Start Late-Pregnancy Exercises

In addition to Kegels, stretching, and light cardio, there are exercises designed specifically to ease your imminent labor such as tailor sitting, pelvic tilts, and wall squats.