Week 28

Learn the signs of early labor to avoid false worry about premature deliveries. Knowing when to make a hospital visit and when to cool your heels will prevent a lot of stress.

Make More Frequent Doctor Visits

You’ll start seeing your doctor every two weeks from now on to more closely monitor the baby’s health.


Once your little person starts crawling and walking, there will be a lot of unexpected dangers to find. Get a gate for stairs, blocks for the outlets, and baby locks for cabinets with heavy, breakable, sharp, or toxic contents.

Show Your Partner the Baby’s Kicks

It might be old hat for you, but you partner will love to experience the reality and tangibility of a kicking baby.

Possibly Get a RhoGAM Injection

In some cases, such as when you and your partner have differing Rh protein factors in your blood, you may need an injection so your body doesn’t treat the baby’s blood as a virus (yikes!). Talk to your doctor about the blood test so your body properly supports your baby in this┬álast trimester.