Week 27

If your baby is getting in the way of exercise, try water classes. You shouldn’t have to give up the benefits of exercise just when it’s able to make the biggest difference.

Choose a Nursery Color

Since you and your child will be spending a lot of time in this room, make sure it’s conducive to sleeping and peacefully existing. Calming colors will do well in this special new space, and high contrasts will be easier for the baby to notice.

Look into Cord Blood Banks

In recent years it’s become possible to save stem cells from the umbilical cord right after birth. The idea is that those cells might save your child’s life in the event they develop one of several rare disorders. The odds are indeed very small, and at a current cost of around USD$4k total to harvest and store for 18 years, it may be an added minimal form of insurance that’s too cost-prohibitive. You can hedge against the possibility, though, that future uses for these cells may be developed to include more common diseases that it currently addresses.

Find a Birth Doula (if that’s your thing)

A doula is a birth guide, not a medical professional. They’ll talk you through the process and act as an additional shoulder to lean on. Some data suggests that women with doulas actually have shorter labor times. Again, it is an additional expense, so only do what you’re able.