Week 25

If you’re having trouble with heartburn, try eating smaller meals more frequently. Also avoid fatty, spicy, carbonated, or acidic foods, and don’t eat before bedtime.

Plan a Baby Shower!

This can actually reduce stress, as you get to spend time with your friends all at once, rather than piecing together time to see them individually. Call on a good friend to help plan or host it, too.

Write a Birth Plan

Writing down your ideal birth experience will help communicate it to your doctors and nurses when the time comes. Of course, things don’t always do according to plan, but this will at least help you discern what’s really important to you during that process.

Get Life and Disability Insurance

Make sure your family is provided for if you’re unable to work or in the case of death. It’s a morbid subject, but you owe it to yourself and your family to be on top of these things. You can also create or update your will to include your child.