Week 23

If you’re having upper back pain, get refitted in person for a new maternity bra. Women with large breasts before pregnancy can be especially prone to support-related pain.

Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Protect everyone in your home by testing the batteries and functionality of CO and smoke detectors. If you don’t have them in every major room of the house, get them.

Talk About Last Names, Too

Married couplesĀ aren’t as conventional as they used to be, so your baby’s last name might not be as simple as taking his/her father’s. Some couples hyphenate both last names, but that can lead to complications when your grandchildren’s last names are being considered (though “Jones-Smith-Williams-Johnson” does have a certain ring). Others combine their names into a new single last name. Whatever you choose, now’s a great time to have the discussion.

Get More Maternity Clothes

Body changes happen frequently and quickly, so get your next stage of maternity clothes now.