Week 21

Chronic stress can adversely affect your pregnancy, so make sure you’re managing it. Continue to get plenty of exercise and plenty of sleep. Massages, reading, and therapy can also help.

Research Breastfeeding

There are many schools of thought about the importance and duration of breastfeeding. Do your due diligence and make a decision about how you want to proceed.

Train Your Pet

If you have a cat or dog, make sure they’re properly trained to avoid aggressive or overly-rambunctious behavior with your newborn. If your dog has the run of the house, enroll in a training class and diligently work at training (or have your partner do it). Make sure you’re consistent with reward/punishment, as retraining a dog is harder that training a puppy. You can also think of it as training for child-rearing :).

Use Your Free Time to Get Ahead

Tackle any projects you need or want to complete before it you get too immobile. Get in the habit of frontloading tasks. Procrastination may have worked (more or less) for you before, but you’ll find that making the best use of your free time will make raising a baby much smoother.

Get Another Maternity Bra

How quickly things change. Preempt your pain and upgrade your “support system.”