Week 20

How are you sleeping? Changing hormones mixed with natural anxiety and/or excitement can lead to sleeplessness or unnerving dreams. Sometimes talking it out with your partner, friends, or family can help surface and address issues about your experience that might be making you uneasy. Therapy is also a great outlet for talking these things through.

Make Sure You Have Comfortable Shoes

Comfy, ergonomic shoes will go a long way toward easing pain and making your third trimester more bearable. Ditch the heels for a sensible, wide, well-supported walking shoe.

Know the symptoms of Preeclampsia

Keep up with your regular doctor visits, as preeclampsia monitoring (blood pressure and urine tests) is part of them. Reduce risk by managing existing diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. Symptoms can be confused with normal pregnancy symptoms, but it can be detected as early as this week, so (again) just make sure that you’re seeing your doctor regularly.

Talk to your partner about post-birth

Your life will be different after the baby’s here, so talk with any involved parties (like your partner) about what that might look like. Who will take on what responsibilities regarding the baby and other parts of your life that you might not be as engaged with. Maybe someone will stay at home or some hobbies and commitments will have to be sidelined. Set aside some time to figure out a game plan now.