Week 2

Still playing the waiting game? Use the time to get healthier and educate yourself about new risk factors.

Eat Healthier

Not only are you eating for two; you’re also eating like crap for two. You owe it to your baby to give it the best nutrient-rich incubator possible.

Exercise (but don’t push it)

Staying lean and strong (or starting to shape your existing blob into a leaner and stronger version of itself) will help with pain and stamina when carrying the extra baby weight later on. Don’t overexert yourself, though. Your heart is working harder to push the extra pregnancy blood through your body, which means it might be a good idea to cap your exertion at “medium.”

Continue to Quit Your Vices (Even Coffee)

No more smoking or drinking, for reals. If the zygote exists by now, it’s at risk. This includes caffeine, so start drinking less coffee and black tea.

Research Drug Contraindications

Learn which medications are no longer suitable for you during pregnancy. For example, anti-inflammatories and naproxen painkillers are often advised against. Talk to a doctor about prescribed and over-the-counter drugs so you don’t inadvertently put your baby at risk.