Week 19

You’re at higher risk for UTIs during pregnancy, so consider taking cranberry supplements or drinking cranberry juice (the all-juice kind, not some Ocean Spray/V8 Splash sugarfest). Talk to your doctor if you urinate very frequently, as antibiotics will cure more severe cases.


Share Ultrasound Pics

Make a scan of your ultrasound and share with friends and family. Trained technicians can (shockingly) make out heart valves, check for cleft palette, and determine sex.

Start Working on a Nursery

Whether you’re just getting a crib, or redoing an entire room, start researching what’s out there and what your budget for such a project is.

Research Home Births (and Water Births)

Hospital, home, and water births are all viable options, but do our research to make sure you make an informed decision either way.