Week 17

Fish is safe to eat, but not big fish. Biomagnification means that by the time small amounts of mercury in the water get to a big fish, that fish is actually pumped full of the toxin. Avoid tuna, swordfish, yellowtail, and stick with small, thoroughly-cooked seafood.

Start a College Fund

…if you haven’t already. Costs are rising as it is, and while we might get lucky with more federal funding over the next two decades, plan for the worst. Getting a return on the money via relatively secure federal bonds (vs. stuffing it in a mattress) means its value will be better-preserved after 20 years of inflation. For example, $20k today is one year of tuition, but if you pulled $20k out of a mattress in 20 years, it might only pay for half a year of tuition. By getting reliable, low-risk returns and making monthly deposits, you’ll minimize your financial liability when the time comes to pay the piper. Look into state college savings programs called 529 Plans.

Address Congestion

Find a drug-free solution to relieve congestion, like a saline nasal spray and/or a room humidifier.

Find a Childbirth Class

Classes like Lamaze will help train your body, your brain, and your partner in preparation for the birth. Even the simple routine of going every week can be a comfort that you’re taking the right steps and educating yourself as best you can.