Week 16

Your hormones are relaxing muscles in your body, including those that move digestion along. If you’re having issues, avoid laxatives, but increase water and fiber in your diet and remove gas-inducing foods.

Explore Birth Centers

Hospitals are perfectly adequate places to give birth, but some mothers-to-be prefer a dedicated birth center. Take a look at any in your area if that might interest you.

Boost Calcium

Drink dairy, take supplements, or eat plenty of calcium-rich foods like legumes and dark, leafy greens.

Talk to Family and Friends About Their Experiences

You have a great resource in your family (mother or grandmother) and any friends who you respect and know as mothers. It’s free information to do with what you will. If your relationship with your mother is strained (or worse), decide if now would be a good time to either strengthen the relationship or cut the cord completely for your own mental health. Trust your instincts and look to people you trust.