Week 15

The second trimester can be great for your sex drive, so be sure to take advantage (unless advised against it by your doctor).

Do You Want To Know The Sex?

Decide if you want to know the baby’s sex, as an ultrasound or amniocentesis should be able to identify that in a few weeks. Most women over 35 get an amniocentesis due to the increased risk of genetic disorders, so talk to your doctor about that as well.

Look into Prenatal Yoga

Yoga classes designed for pregnancy help maintain and build core strength and flexibility to aid with the birth. Not to mention it’s a low-impact way to meditate and boost your energy.

Ask Doctor about Quad Marker Screening

This is a blood test administered before the 20th week of pregnancy that can help identify risks for certain disorders. Be sure to bring it up if you have family history of defects, are 35+, were using harmful substances at some point during pregnancy, use insulin for diabetes, have had any viral infections in the past few months, or have been around radiation.