Week 14

Take advantage of your existing energy this week and get in the habit of exercising and wrapping up loose ends before you get less mobile.

Take Weekly Bump Pics

If you’re so inclined, start taking weekly progress pics of your belly. There are even “picture-a-day” phone apps that will help organize and even animate those pictures into a video to share afterwards.

Make Sure Work Knows

If you haven’t yet, tell your job you’ll be taking maternity leave. Do some research first to find out if your boss is amenable to more than the minimum leave (12 months unpaid). You won’t get what you never ask for, so see if you can take more time, or get paid for some of the time you do take off.

Make an Announcement

Share the news with everyone! Phone calls, email, letters, and social media are all great ways to break the news, but in-person is always special for for those closest to you.