Week 12

Your first trimester is almost over! Many people make a public announcement around this time. When you tell your boss, be reassuring that you’ll pick up where you left off after your leave, and don’t feel bad for taking time off; it’s 100% reasonable, and your boss is being a whiny little baby if he/she guilt trips you. If this does happen, just think of it as practice for dealing with your imminent infant.

Take a Babymoon

You’re still highly mobile, and your opportunities to get away will shrink post-birth. Make some time to get away, even if it’s just a short weekend trip. Of course, you can always go all out and pull the trigger on the Caribbean vacation.

Get a Body Pillow

Using a body pillow will help align your body during sleep to relieve pressure and pain associated with the extra weight.

Add Stretching to your Routine

Keep your body limber now to reduce pain later. Remove flat-on-your-back exercises like sit-ups and pilates until after birth and replace them with mild-to-moderate standing exercises.