Week 10

Double digits! Your doctor may be able to show you the first ultrasound images of your baby at this stage (you do have a prenatal visit scheduled, don’t you?)

Get Some Maternity Clothes

You’ll start showing in a couple of weeks, and soon after you’ll need flexible clothes that will expand as you do.

Learn Your Company’s Maternity Policy

Check in with you HR person to figure out the terms of your company’s maternity leave policy. The legal minimum is 12 weeks of unpaid leave, with a guarantee that your position will be there when you return. You’re also entitled to the same health insurance premiums you’ve been paying. This only applies if you’ve been at the job for over a year, though. Also, if you don’t return afterwards, your company could require you to repay them their share of the health insurance premiums from those 12 weeks. Of course, all companies are different and some will offer your paid leave or some form of temporary disability pay.

Address Indigestion

Like nausea, indigestion has a great deal of over-the-counter cures. From the homeopathic to the medicinal, shop around until you find something that works for you.