“How I Knew I Was Pregnant:” Teen Mom Edition


Everyone has their story, but when you’re still a teenager, it comes as a special brand of surprise. Here are some accounts of the moments when teen moms realized they were pregnant.


“I was 18, and I just ‘felt it.’ I had unprotected sex in mid December. On NYE I took a test, bc I knew there’d be drinking that night. It was negative, but I felt it was wrong, so I didn’t drink. Fast forward to Jan 3, the day before I was even due for my period, and I had enough hCG in my blood to test positive.”


“It’s the most cliche thing in the book and I’m cringing writing this, but I just knew. No symptoms, no reason to suspect that the conception-related-encounter was any different than others. Had a clockwork period up until then. Just autopiloted into the bathroom the morning I was due for my period and peed on a stick. Bingo. It took all of 15 seconds for that little line to start showing up.”


“I was hanging out at a friend’s house & felt overly hot & nauseous. Went outside, threw up. Drive back to my boyfriend’s house, got into an argument on the way home. As we are walking into his house, we were still arguing, & i just broke down crying, sat on the ground & said “i think I’m pregnant”. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind before that moment, but we bought a test & took it the next morning. Voila, positive. I was 17 & had just dropped out of high school.”


“I was nineteen and had been feeling really ‘off’ for a while. On a whim I took a test at work. I just went blank when I saw it was positive.”


“19, my boobs hurt like a mother fucker. So bad that I had to hold them whenever I took my bra off. I had cramps identical to period cramps pain-wise, but they only lasted for 5-10 minutes. Happened throughout the day. When I went to the doctor for an ultrasound, I was about 4 weeks. I didn’t keep it though.”


“I was really ill. I was 15, I hated my boyfriend and was going to end it either way. I took a test with my friend who I made wait in the room. When I went to the docs I was 2 months. Told my then boyfriend who was over the moon, I said I didn’t want to be with him and I lost it a month later. I still miss that baby but it wouldn’t have been fair to have it.
Now I have a wonderful boyfriend who wants a football team! I’d be more than happy to have his children.”


“I was 18 and had a very acute inkling while making my way to theatre for rehearsal for a play I was stage-managing, make-upping and costuming for. When it came time to do makeup for a very good friend of mine, I looked him straight in the eye and said “I’m pregnant” and he was like “um. That’s big. Let’s go to the drug store and for a coffee after rehearsal”. Sure enough, I was, which really kinda sucked because I couldn’t drink/stay awake through all of the sweet, sweet after parties.”


“I was in dance rehearsal before school. We practiced at 6:30am. I was very nauseous, threw up out of my friends car window all the way home. I had only had sex once so pregnancy didn’t even really cross my mind until my friend insisted I pee on a stick. OH SHIT”


“One day (15 years old) I got stomach cramps, felt really sick and felt a sort of pressure around my vulva, so I took a pregnancy test which was positive. When I went to the doctor, they told me I was about 9 weeks pregnant, which was further on than I thought as I’d actually had a normal period-like bleed during the time since I must have conceived.

It wasn’t the first pregnancy test I’d ever taken. I’d taken one a few months before when I had a late period, but it was negative and the period showed up a few days later.
With my second (18 years old) and third (20 years old) pregnancies I knew much earlier on, because we were actively trying, so I was looking for the signs and testing as soon as I could. So I found out like 10-12 days after conception.

With my fourth (23 years old) and fifth (24 years old) pregnancies, I didn’t know quite as soon as we weren’t trying, but by this point the symptoms were easy to spot for me fairly early. Needing to pee a lot is usually the first thing that I notice, followed by suddenly not wanting to drink tea. Usually nothing gets in the way of my tea.”