Baby Shower Planner

Congratulations! A baby shower is a great way to unwind and celebrate with your friends and family. Though it takes some effort, a shower also allows you to see everyone all at once rather than plan out individual hangouts, which can be more stressful in the long run. Another common benefit of holding a shower is that attendees customarily buy you needed baby supplies off of a registry you’ve created, saving you some money and hassle. We’re here to help you plan the perfect shower within your budget with a minimum of stress.

Below is a step-by-step list of what to think about, along with some resources to help you achieve it.

1. Create a Registry

A registry is the list of baby supplies you want or need, from which guests can choose to buy you as a present. This prevents double-purchasing, makes sure you get what you actually need, and lets people buy gifts within their budget. Buybuybaby is Bed, Bath & Beyond’s baby brand, and is a great registry source due to their extensive inventory online ordering/shipping capabilities. Be optimistic, but make sure you have items in all price ranges so guests can buy what they’re comfortable paying for.

2. Find a Host

In most cases, this will be you, but if you don’t have the space for it, a close friend or family member may be more than happy to host for you. They can also help relieve some planning work if you’re comfortable delegating planning details.

3. Find a Theme

Here’s where your personal style comes out. Is it traditional pastel blue/pink? Modern? Elegant? Vintage? Find an approach that matches your taste and make decisions about color and party accents accordingly. Keep in mind that you can create a distinct, fun style no matter what your budget is.

4. Send Out Invitations

Get some invitations that match your party theme. Send them to your guests, and be sure to include an RSVP date. If you create the invitations as postcards, your guests will have an easier time RSVPing. Also be sure to send a link to your registry.

5. Order Supplies

Get some decorations! If you’re having food, get disposable or recyclable dinnerware.

6. Plan Games

This is an opportunity to play some party games that you never get to play in any other setting. Most don’t require any special supplies, or if they do, they’re really cheap.

7. Get Prizes and Party Favors

In addition to miscellaneous supplies for games, you’ll need some prizes for the winners and/or party favors for guests.

8. Get Food

Food isn’t always necessary, but if you’re hosting around a meal time, finger food appetizers are always appreciated. Check out our list of shower recipes and online catering resources.

9. Have fun!

Don’t forget that this should be a fun process! You’re creating a great opportunity for your support system to get to know each other better and appreciate the addition to your family.