5 Things About Pregnancy That Aren’t Common Knowledge


There’s a lot of information floating around out there. Most of the important stuff is covered, especially the medical stuff. But what bits of info have escaped common discourse?

1. The “Baby Hammock” Trick

“In the last trimester that sweet baby gets mighty heavy on whatever organs s/he chooses to rest on, or occasionally jams a tiny foot up under a rib. To gently resettle the little thing just get down on all fours for a few minutes. Your tummy acts like a hammock and the baby falls into it. When you stand back up s/he’s happily repositioned and you are much more comfortable.” -HiveJiveLive

2. The Second Trimester Superpowers

“I was completely unprepared for how good I felt in the second trimester of my first pregnancy. My hair and skin were glowing, I had this adorable bump, I felt amazing. This seems to happen to lots of women but we’re so bombarded with the negatives that we’re unprepared for the good stuff.” -plasticcastle

3. Farts

“Farts” – RiverSong42

4. Horror Stories

“Almost every mother I met while I was visibly pregnant told me horror stories…everything a first time mom did not need to hear.” Call_me_Kelley

5. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

A period of third trimester hair fullness is often followed by a rebalancing period that results in some minor hair loss. “I’m a hairdresser and I’ve had so many women come in to the salon in tears because they think they’re going bald.” – Foreverblowinbubbles